Pizza – One of the More Nutritional Options in Casual Dining

pizza 2Eating out is a regular event for most families these days. With Dad and Mom both working all day it’s challenging to come home and fix dinner, too. If you’re like most families, you’re also on a budget so gourmet restaurants are probably not one of your options. And it’s not a favored option with your children.. So how do you find nutritional food for your family when you’re eating at casual dining restaurants?
Pizzerias can be one of your healthier choices when choosing a casual dining family restaurant.
How is this true?

Most pizzerias have salad offerings which are a healthy way to start your dinner. If you fill up on a salad filled with veggies you won’t be as likely to overeat. It takes your brain around 20 minutes to start to feel full. So eat your salad slowly and get your brain and metabolism to kick into gear and start telling your brain – “I’m not starving anymore!”

Another reason pizza can be a healthier choice is you are in charge of what ingredients go on your pizza; add more veggies when possible.

Statistics show that women are twice as likely to order a vegetarian pizza. This is no surprise. But if you’ve never eaten a veggie pizza, you should at least give it a try. If you want something heartier with protein, try adding chicken.

Here’s another reason pizza can be better for you than other restaurants. When you’re eating out you usually order a big plate of food all for yourself. And what happens when you’re full? You keep eating. Why – ” you don’t want to “waste it”. We’ve been taught to always finish everything on our plates. Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that overeating is going to somehow help starving children. Needless to say, this is not true.

If your family is sharing a pizza, you can each eat until you’re full and then stop along with enjoying precious family time! If there’s anything left over just ask for a box and take it home. Then it will feed your own starving children when they’re looking for a midnight snack.

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